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Published Date Author: , March 24th, 2010

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Battered Citizen Syndrome

By: R.J. Moeller

My father has been a pastor and marriage counselor for nearly three decades and through the years has heard countless stories that go something like this:

Woman marries (or shacks up with) Man. Things are great for a while. Eventually Woman comes to learn that Man has a proclivity to abuse those closest to him. Whether we’re talking physically, verbally, emotionally – it’s all abuse. Woman’s friends and relatives tell her to split for her safety and/or sanity. Instead, Woman lashes out at concerned friends and relatives and insists on staying in abusive relationship. Woman fears being alone, fears being financially independent, and fears that the abuse is deserved.

Human beings are able to convince themselves of anything.

When you are dating someone who turns out to be abusive, you can walk away. But after certain points in a relationship, namely marriage and having children, the ability to leave, the simplicity of just cutting all ties, becomes understandably (and appropriately) more complicated. Divorce and custody battles are the familial revolutions a spouse escaping abuse must be willing to pursue if they (and their kids) are to have any chance at real freedom, peace, and prosperity.

If such traumatic events could have been avoided, anyone who has lived through them would have done anything to do so.

America: we have that chance right now.

The relationship between the citizen and the government envisioned by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid is an abusive one. It is an unhealthy one. It is a disastrous one. It is soul-destroying and economy-crippling.

Just like the abusive dating or marriage relationship, the relationship between the citizen and his or her government in a nation that controls everything from education to health care usually starts off on an attractive, positive note. Workers are wooed with promises of better, more secure jobs. Parents are seduced with federally-funded pre-K through graduate school education for their children. Everyone gets cheaper, higher quality health care and costs (magically) will not rise.

Who wouldn’t love to hear that their job is etched in federally-mandated stone? What student isn’t looking to pass the buck on the staggering debt that accrues after obtaining the higher education near-necessary to “succeed” in this cut-throat world we live in? How could someone in good conscience turn down health care that is both superior in quality and cheaper in cost?

But after all of the courting with pie-in-the-sky pledges has ended, and the emotional buzz of initial infatuation has subsided, what always ends up happening is this: the citizenry quickly realizes their federal lover not only snores loud at night and leaves wet towels in a mold-inducing ball on the bathroom floor, but that Big Brother intends to perpetually bloat in size and scope into nearly every aspect of their lives. All of this is of course done in the name of “progress”, “compassion”, and my personal favorite, “social justice”. (Does “social” honesty, or “social” humility, exist as well?)

The road to emotional serfdom for an abused spouse who cannot (or will not) sever ties is traveled one denial at a time. The same is true of the citizen in a once-freer nation who begins to witness the decay of personal liberties and the erosive power of systematic corruption among the ranks of their elected leaders and refuses to recognize the encroaching enslavement for what it is. There is always someone else to blame or something else to excuse away the actions of people in power who promised us the world, but ended up taking our souls.

When they turn out to be unhealthy to be around, or a threat to the vitality and freedom of your society and government, we don’t like to admit that the people we picked to be our significant others (or elected representatives) are in fact cruel and dangerous (or at the very least, wildly incompetent). We’d rather suffer in silence or blame others than accept the fact that we were either swindled by someone who misrepresented themselves or were too smitten (or lazy) to notice (and investigate) the warning signs.

Examples of the negative effects of injurious relationships between a citizen and their over-controlling government abound. People living in socialist and socialist-like countries give less of their time and money to charity because their taxes are so high and the assume the government will take care of those in need. The number one predictor of adult poverty is having been born into a single-parent home, a situation exponentially more common for someone with parents who are financially-dependent on the government themselves. Patients under socialized medicine in countries like Canada wait longer for inferior health care, and you are nearly 20% more likely to die from cancer north of the border than in the United States.

And worst of all: health care and medical issues become politicized. People on welfare vote for politicians that promise more welfare. This isn’t rocket science, folks. Every politician, out of necessity, will be forced to promise more and more free lunches that they don’t know how to make and don’t have the ingredients to prepare. As the great Alexis de Tocqueville put nearly 200 years ago: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

Act now, act boldly, and find the candidates in 2010 who are serious about upholding the Constitution, who preach and practice fiscal responsibility, and who are gutsy enough to tell their Party’s leaders “No!” when presented with bribes, kick-backs, and sweetheart deals in exchange for their vote.

You don’t deserve a government that mistreats you and your hard-earned tax dollars…unless you allow it to keep perpetrating the same harms on you and your neighbors. You can help end the madness.

please read the entire article at: http://rjmoeller.com/2010/03/battered-citizen-syndrome


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