December 12th, 23rd, 2008 Tims musings (via postie)

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Friday, 12-12-08 update on 12-23-08 at the bottom

Dear friends,

Here finally is a long overdue update for everyone… Sorry…

1. Family 2. Ranch 3. Personal Thoughts, directions 4. Musings

1. The Family continues to do well, though we deal with many of the issues typical to a teenager occupied home (currently at four teenagers out of the eight kids). Patience might be considered the catch word for us as we work through various things with each person. One has his drivers license and a girlfriend, another is in driver’s ed and trying to find his place in the world, another in excelling in an online charter school that she attends from home and is signing up for another missions trip next summer, and the other is studying hard and excelling at regular school. The younger ones are all growing like weeds too, and bring both joy and patience development opportunities to us also. :-)

We are also enjoying the house we are still in. God has repeatedly provided the work, gifts, and ability to stay here, someplace that in years past would have been beyond our ability to pay for. But it suits us here. It’s big enough, has storage space for ranch stuff, has a beautiful view, and room to grow, along with several acres that we are dreamong about eventually developing into a Bed and Breakfast Prayer Retreat place or something. There is some pretty critical stuff that still needs to be done to the place before heavy snow falls, but the owner and homeowners insurance company indicated to me yesterday that they are willing to pay me to do the work myself and that I should submit a bid today. Later, as my internet business stuff comes online, we would like to buy the place outright.

So what’s our latest “near disaster” story? (Several people have commented on this in past issues…)

Well… Two weeks ago, one night while Todd ‘just happened to be here’ to help me with a flat tire changeout, we had a major electrical circuit short out between the house and garage (not something I had wired – previous tenants apparently). It blew a 100Amp breaker, and Todd and I went looking for it, since we could smell smoke and hear it popping/crackling when we flipped the breaker back on-only to have it pop off again within seconds. Pretty quickly, we found a shorted cable under the breezeway that was arcing and sparking in an actually beautiful way, but we couldn’t let that continue could we? So before it could actually catch the wood around it on fire and burn the place down, Todd and I immediately shut it all down and replaced the shorted/melted wiring with something more appropriate to the load that wire was supposed to be carrying (50 Amps at 220VAC for the entire front half of the house and barn – the shorted wire was a single 12-3 gauge romex cable for those of you that understand it-bad news all the way around – the owner about came unglued when I told him how the previous tenant had wired it). It could have been bad though. I am just thankful that we continue to see and trust in God’s protection around us. Ain’t life exciting?

2. The Ranch dream has been on hold for over six months now. There is only a little bit of ranch stuff left up at thorn creek, and it’s emotionally hard for me to go up there each time to get a load of it or to clean. That was my home there. I liked it there. And I have continued to pray, maybe half heartedly but still being serious, that God would still allow us to get thorn creek for our ranch dream. But it’s almost clean. Which is ironic, considering what happened last weekend.

I was reading something completely unrelated to anything here in my world, and someone quoted Habakkuk 2:2-3 to me. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, as though God were talking straight to me about thorn creek and the ranch dream. Ever have that happen? It was unmistakable. I went back and read the whole book, and it’s all good stuff, but those two verses really stood out to me. Here’s the verses. Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NIV) “Then the Lord replied: ‘Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.’” And then Karen had a very clear dream about orphans and widows the same night (if I remember right) before I said anything to her about these verses, and a single mom called THE NEXT DAY after finding the old website, about coming to visit us today and explore whether or not to move here to possibly help build the ranch dream. Three unrelated things in two days all spoke to the ranch dream again. My eyebrows immediately went up. Then someone, just this morning at men’s prayer breakfast in Idaho City told me as they were leaving that I needed to “take care of Thorn Creek”. This godly man has never said anything like that to me before, and has had so little interaction with my world that he didn’t even realize apparently that we had moved away from thorn creek. That’s four things. Given that God is not a God of coincidence, I think He’s trying to tell me something…

So here I am, writing down the revelation once again. Through the past 10 years, God has given me and multiple other people that I later came into contact with, direct revelation through actual dreams and visions, that thorn creek would someday be a place of worship and retreat, with lots of kids around. He then developed in me a deep desire to see those revelations fulfilled, and I moved there and dedicated the next four years of my life trying to make it happen. I laid a lot of ground work, but in the end, it all comes back to God’s timing. My new family needed to situated elsewhere before thorn creek could become what it is supposed to be. And I knew that, and said so, even while it broke my heart to leave (it truly was the first place I had felt “HOME” in over 20 years). Yes it is still apparently listed on the open market, and yes, people are still looking at it. No, I don’t have the money to buy it myself, though I am working on it. So who knows. I’ve mentioned these four things that just happened to several people: one surprised me and said it was all coincidence and that I still shouldn’t be thinking about thorn creek again, and one said simply that they would start praying regularly for us again (we need a handful of solid prayer warriors to commit to praying for us in our next steps forward. Are You one of them?). Whatever the case, it sounds to me personally like maybe God is trying to tell me something and/or fixin to do something big…

3. Personal thoughts and musings. It’s ironic to me that God would maybe be moving ahead with thorn creek and/or the ranch dream now. I made the decision several weeks ago that I am going to go back into politics in the next election, just because I was so disgusted with our choices in general for most public offices in this last election. But until the elections, I have just been planning to focus on providing for my own little “children’s home” that God already gave me. But it’s more than just a “children’s home”. These are my kids. They belong to me now and I am personally responsible for them. So my focus has been on 4 things. 1. Working to support my family, most recently by doing a home remodel job for someone (Yes I still have a job waiting for me at the shop in Idaho City – the boss gave me permission to take this other remodel job for several months through the winter when the shop’s own business was going to be slow). 2. Building an online business network of sites that can support me and future ministry – not much income yet, but making progress. 3. Considering how to lay a groundwork for running for public office 4. Karen and I have been discussing and exploring ways to eventually expand our current home/location into a prayer retreat center, and getting Pastor Meren and His family here from India to help make this happen (pray for this one). In short, my focus has NOT been on building the ranch itself anymore, though I have still prayed for it (albeit halfheartedly- if truth be told). Interesting, eh? Oh yeah, we’ve also been asking God about adopting two more children we are aware of that may potentially need a home.

One of the internet related goals I have been working on has been to set up a site to help out-of-work friends of mine and single moms to build new careers online, both to support them and to give them the ability to have the extra income they want to support their own ministries and charities (and/or us). This site is almost ready to go finally. Those of you that have expressed interest in using it for yourself, please be patient a little longer. I’ll get it out to you as soon as I humanly can.

4. Musings. Ya know, when the Bible talks about us being refined by fire, it wasn’t joking. We are NOT promised a bed of roses as Christians. We are promised refinement. And sometimes in order to get some of the deepest impurities out, you really have to turn up the heat. This has been demonstrated to/with us in a very very clear way over the last several months. We were at a point as a family where I finally told God I was ready to move back to the city and become a “Normal” family again if He didn’t open the door to us to even continue staying up here in this house in Idaho City. The heat was on, financially, physically, relationally, and in almost every other way I could think of. And believe me, a lot of ugliness and impurity came to the surface (in all of us) and had to be dealt with. But God also walked through the fire with us, provided what we needed just at the last moment, demonstrated His reality to the kids and Karen and I, and opened the door for us to stay here. That’s when it dawned on me in a deeper way that we were being refined like silver or gold. The heat had to be turned up to expose some of the ugliness that needed to come out and be dealt with. It’s never a fun process, but we are stronger now in many ways for having gone through it (at least I hope it’s over for a little bit *rueful chuckle*).

Feel free if you haven’t done so yet, to download your free copy of the “The Innocence of God” manuscript at . I haven’t received much feedback from people in general on it yet, though it continues to be downloaded several times each week on average. So God’s word IS getting out there, and maybe His side of the story. In glancing over the book, “The Shack,” several weeks ago, I can see where what I have attempted to share and what that other book fictionalizes, do not agree on some very fundamental levels. That was interesting to realize… No word yet on when the final publishing date for this manuscript is either, but it has been turned in to the publisher who has committed to publishing it.

Anyway, that’s most of the biggest news for here lately.

Remember in your own worlds as you live, that God does love us each one, and that He cared enough to come down here as a baby about 2,008 years ago to try to make a connection to us. We should respond to that.

Update 12-15-2008 Monday morning. Karen and I worked as Compassion International ( advocates last night at the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert in Boise. It was a good concert in spite of the fact that one of his tour trucks broke down in some snowbound pass somewhere in the huge snowstorm that the Northwest got over the weekend – so he was missing some of his normal concert stuff, like his suit, all his CD’s/merchandise for sale, and other stuff. So he came out in blue jeans – we all thought he fit into Boise pretty good this way (*chuckle*). But it was a good concert, and over 60 new kids were sponsored through the concert, apparently a huge response for all the bigger the crowd was (the BSU indoor areana was only about half full – Boise was at the tail end of a snow storm with incredibly icy conditions as well). It was a neat show. But if you’re interested in giving a gift that hugely honors God’s gift to us of life, consider sponsoring a 3′rd world kid that has zero future without our intervention. In some ways, since we can’t focus on a ranch for kids or anything like that right now, this is how Karen and I are currently working with our dream to help wounded and at-risk children.

Pray for Karen and I and our family as well, if you think of it. On the way home last night, I had another episode of something medical, the third time now in the last 2 years, where I went from completely normal (was actually pulled over beside the road napping this time), to horribly nauseated, feverish, clammy, shaking, hyperventilating, doubled over, etc in about 10 seconds (like the worst case of motion sickness ever experienced, without the ability to throw up). It always passes within about 24 hours, but it’s not fun and is just plain weird. It scares Karen, and is starting to concern me a little bit too, because there’s no apparent cause for it, and its onset is always so sudden and instantaneous *shrug*, not like motion sickness (and all 3 times I was sitting still).

12-23-08 It’s been an interesting week… It’s been snowing nonstop. We went from nothing to well over a foot and a half in like 10 days, averaging close to two inchs or more per day. We have a white Christmas coming for sure :-)

It’s also been an intense week again for us too. Finances again. Not even enough money to let the kids buy for their secret santa sibling. ‘Tight’ doesn’t even begin to cover it, even though I’ve been working long hours remodeling for someone, editing manuscripts, and working on the web. In the middle of it all, my ex is suing me through the state to increase my child support to support her and Vanya. We have been just about to go absolutely, stark raving, insane. But as always, someone stepped up to the plate out of the blue at the last possible moment, and helped us out. It’s interesting how real God becomes when He’s all you’ve got to hold onto. I am trying desperately hard to get several internet businesses set up so that we can survive and maybe even thrive here, since jobs in the area are drying up some, but until that happens, we are relying on God, and He’s been taking care of us. There’s no other option… Now if we could just learn not to take our frustrations and frayed nerves out on each other, we’d be doing great! *rueful chuckle* I just finished one website at and will be marketing it hard over the next several weeks, so we’ll see… I’m also fleshing out that website now to train/help Christians to run their own online businesses in whatever business they want. It’ll be ready soon, and I will share it with you all. I’m sending you this newsletter via one of that site’s new tools since my own computer is dying a slow death and can’t send emails to our newsletter list anymore (hence the delay since Dec 12th in getting it out to you – sorry…).

Anyway. I’m just glad to know and serve Yahweh, the author of life, and to know that He’s got me covered. I hope each of you can go into this Christmas season knowing this as well for yourselves.

Sincerely, And a Merry Christmas to all :-)

Tim, Karen, and kids Benedict


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